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SRAE Webinars

Selected slides and recordings of SRAE webinars may be found on this page. For a schedule of upcoming events, visit the SRAE Training Calendar.

2022 Webinars

Using a Trauma-Informed Approach (5/25/22)
More Resources: Using a Trauma-Informed Approach
Mindfulness-Based Programs for Stress and Health (4/5/22)

2021 Webinars

Puberty! (12/9/21)
PYD Web Series I: Foundations (6/8/21)
Edited Transcript
PYD Web Series II: Positive Youth Outcomes (6/10/21)
PYD Web Series III: Youth Voice and Engagement (6/15/21)
PYD Web Series IV: Youth Development Programming (6/17/21)
PYD Web Series V: Youth Work Ethics (6/22/21)
HIV Prevention Strategies for Young People (5/5/21)
HIV Basics for Health Educators (4/28/21)
Revisiting Guiding Principles of a Trauma-Informed Approach (4/22/21)
Understanding Trauma and Its Impact (4/14/21)
Toxic Stress - Center on the Developing Child
It's a "Hairy" Big Deal (4/13/21)
Dove: Beauty Standards of Hair are a Form of Bias
Dove: Love Your Curls
STI Basics for Health Educators (4/6/21)
The Power of Relationships (3/18/21)
Virtual Tools for Real People (2/25/21)
Make it Stop: Discussing Dating Violence and Toxicity in Relationships (2/19/21)
Recruiting and Retaining Youth: Voices from the Field (1/26/21)
Learning Community Meeting: Making a Difference! (1/21/21)
What's Identity Got to Do With It? Discussing Intersectionality in 2021 (1/19/21)
Self-Care in the New Year (1/7/21)

2020 Webinars

Virtual Icebreakers (12/17/20)
How is COVID-19 Impacting the Emotional Well-Being of Adolescents? (12/16/20)
Federally Required Entry and Exit Surveys - SRAE (10/21/20)
Making a Difference Training of Educators (10/14/20)
What's Going on with Girls? (6/9/20)
What's Going on with Boys? (5/12/20)
Building Bridges: Fostering PYD (5/7/20)
Talking Pleasure (5/7/20)
ACEs and Resiliency (5/6/20)
Media Literacy (4/28/20)
Creating a Logic Model for Program Planning and Improvement (3/10/20)
What About Adaptations? (2/11/20)
SRAE Component 2 Programming (1/14/20)
Afterschool Alliance: STEM in Your Program
Common Sense Education: Digital Citizenship Curriculum
Engaging Parents: It's a Marathon! (12/17/19)
Where Are All the Kids? Recruiting and Retaining Youth (11/12/19)
Introduction to the SRAE Online Reporting System (9/10/19)
Implementing Evidence-Based Programs (8/13/19)
NYS SRAE Orientation (7/30/19)