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InterACTive: Let's Talk About Sex (Digitally!)

InterACTive offers another way to learn from ACT for Youth! On InterACTive, you'll find ACT for Youth's free online tools and trainings for parents, caregivers, and adults who work with young people. Our featured resource on the platform: Let's Talk About Sex (Digitally!).

Intro: Let's Talk About Sex

Talking about sex can be uncomfortable for teens and parents alike. To help parents and caregivers feel more equipped to have these conversations, ACT for Youth created this InterACTive guide for parents and caregivers.

Why don't we talk to our kids about sex?

There are a lot of reasons...but there are ways to address each obstacle.

When we say sexual health...

What are we talking about? Find a definition and resources for a broad understanding of sexual health here.

Technology Can Help!

Why would parents want to use technology to talk with their teens about sex?

Build Your Tech Skills

Here are some resources to help you learn about tech topics, social media, and what all those memes actually mean!

Conversation Guide

Resources in the conversation guide will help you think of conversation starters, choose your platform, and keep the channel open between you and your teen.

What Will They Ask?

Sex educators have learned that there are several different motivations behind young people's questions. Considering the motivation can help you think about how to respond.

Resources for Teens

One way to keep the conversation going is by sharing links to topics that your teen wants to know about. Here is a collection of reliable, youth-friendly sites for you to vet and share (and you might learn something too!).