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Evidence-Based Programs

SRAE Component 1: Evidence-Based Programs

Delivering evidence-based programs (EBPs) effectively is rarely simple. However, high quality implementation is within reach. ACT for Youth provides training, capacity building, and evaluation services for many NYSDOH-funded programs implementing EBPs. Your ACT for Youth Support Team is available to guide you through the process.

SRAE projects provide sexual risk avoidance education using one of the following EBPs:

Getting Started with Evidence-Based Programs

If you're new to implementing evidence-based programs (EBPs), you'll find we put a great deal of emphasis on fidelity: implementing the program as it was designed. That is because while all EBPs have been evaluated and found to be effective, we don't know specifically which content, teaching strategies, and implementation factors make the program effective. If we want to see positive outcomes, we can't improvise because we might be tampering with the "recipe" that makes the program work. That is why it is important to deliver the program as developed, staying true to its core components. Doing this successfully requires considerable planning and preparation.

Organizational Readiness

Organizational readiness is vital for successful implementation. If upper-level administrators, coordinators, and frontline educators alike do not understand why the project was funded, the project's implementation goals, and the demands of implementation with fidelity and quality, they are unlikely to support successful implementation. The checklist below outlines key points and recommendations with regard to organizational support/readiness, and can also be used as an assessment tool.

Assessment and Training for Educators

ACT for Youth will provide educator training for each of the SRAE EBPs. The training schedule is emailed to the SRAE contact list. Questions about training can be directed to Heather Wynkoop Beach.

ACT for Youth developed an online course as a resource for EBP educators. Designed originally for comprehensive sexual health educators, the course is nevertheless relevant for SRAE educators implementing EBPs. Request a log-in using the form below. A competency assessment form is also provided.

Recruiting and Retaining Participants

Recruiting and retaining youth in prevention programs can be difficult. Although challenges may vary from community to community, there are a few consistent issues that are critical and require advanced planning and action:

  • Is the program attractive? Do young people see its value and benefits?
  • Is the program accessible? Is it convenient and comfortable for participants?
  • Are the program implementers skilled in engaging and working with young people?

The resources below will help you plan your participant recruitment and retention efforts.