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PREP Biannual Reports to NYSDOH

Due Dates:   4/30 and 10/31 each year

Twice each year, PREP projects are required to submit biannual reports (BARs) to the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH). Due each April and October, BARs give NYSDOH a summary of PREP programming strategies, successes, and barriers. These reports are an opportunity to share narrative information that is not captured in the day-to-day online reporting system (ORS) reports.

Health Educator Supervisors complete and submit BARs by following a link on their ORS home page. Some sections of the BAR will auto-fill with information that has already been entered in the ORS, such as program implementation data. However, those completing the BARs (likely Health Educator Supervisors) will be asked to provide detailed information of their program's PREP-funded activities, including outreach, referrals, and programming that prepares youth for adulthood. The BAR also includes a narrative section where grantees can describe challenges and barriers they faced, successes, and training or capacity building needs.

Not only do the BARs fulfill DOH reporting requirements for PREP, but they are also an important tool for continuous quality improvement. The reports are read by ACT for Youth Support Team members, as well as each program's advisor from the Department of Health. Successes, challenges, and needs may be discussed to solve issues, answer questions, and prepare for future programming.

All previously submitted reports are also available to Health Educator Supervisors on their ORS organization page under the "BAR Submissions" tab. Reports can be downloaded at any time as shareable PDFs.

If you have any questions about entering and submitting your BAR please contact your ACT evaluation support team member.