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Parent/Caregiver Education

CAPP projects may provide evidence-based or best practice parent education to the parents and caregivers of young program participants, as well as parents of other young adolescents in the priority community. The goal of these efforts is to improve parent-child communication regarding sexual health topics (including family planning) and promote connectedness — factors which lead to improved sexual health outcomes for adolescents.

Information and education may be provided to parents and other caregivers in settings such as schools and workplaces or through virtual platforms. Workshops can be conducted with caregivers alone or with caregivers and youth together. Programming may take the form of a peer education program. The range of topics to be addressed may include:

  • Understanding adolescent development, including the physical, cognitive, emotional, social, and sexual changes of adolescence
  • Identifying reliable sources of information for parents/caregivers regarding adolescent sexual health and family planning
  • Understanding the importance of parent-child communication in promoting adolescent sexual health
  • Developing and practicing communication skills regarding adolescent sexual health
  • Developing topics and conversation-starters for parent-teen communication about sexual health
  • Adapting to and communicating effectively with maturing children about sexual health topics, including family planning
  • Modeling and nurturing healthy peer, family, and romantic relationships, and positively addressing dynamics such as gender roles, peer pressure, bullying, and power balances in relationships
  • Nurturing the development of healthy life skills such as health behaviors, goal setting, decision making, negotiation, communication and interpersonal skills, use of available resources, and stress management

Each CAPP project can call on their ACT for Youth Support Team for assistance.

Parenting Education Resources

New York State Parenting Education Partnership

The New York State Parenting Education Partnership (NYSPEP) is a professional organization for individuals engaged or interested in parenting education. NYSPEP serves as source of information, resources, and support for parenting education and support programs in New York State.

Circles of Support Toolkit

The Circles of Support Toolkit offers a wealth of family engagement resources in the areas of communication, participation, and partnerships. NYC Department of Youth Community Development.

Five Strategies for Successful Recruitment and Retention of Children and Families in Human Service Programs

The goal of this toolkit is to increase participation in human service programs for such issues as behavioral health, substance use, stress management, parenting, and healthy relationships. This toolkit provides strategies for developing a strong recruitment and retention plan. RAND Corporation.

Parent Training Programs

The parent training services listed here have an ultimate goal of preventing or reducing common behavior problems in children and adolescents. Programs are rated by the level of evidence for their effectiveness. California Evidence-Based Clearinghouse for Child Welfare.

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