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Advancing Positive Youth Development and Adolescent Well-Being

ACT (Assets Coming Together) for Youth

ACT for Youth connects youth development research to practice. We offer guidance on the positive youth development (PYD) approach to adults who care about the well-being of young people.

Learn about PYD

Meaningful Youth Engagement

Youth engagement is central to positive youth development. When we engage authentically with youth, we work with young people, not for them, toward shared goals.

  • Learn the essentials of meaningful youth engagement
  • Find tools and resources to support your efforts
Youth Engagement

Adolescent Development and Well-Being

Adolescence is a time of growth and promise. How we grow in each domain of development depends largely on the resources, opportunities, and relationships our environments provide.

Learn about Adolescent DevelopmentAdolescence

New York State Initiatives

ACT for Youth supports New York State community-based health initiatives that serve adolescents and young adults.