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Let's face it, young people are often overlooked. I guess adults don't remember that it's frustrating to be ignored. Young people have some really brilliant ideas, but if no one pays attention, there's no way for them to be heard. That's why adults need to let young people be more involved and have a greater say in how things work.

- Zach, ACT Youth Network

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In this article, Mary Maley briefly describes what constitutes evidence, and how the types of evidence come together to support decision making.
This series of four presentations was created by Dr. Meera Beharry for ACT for Youth. In her first presentation, Dr. Beharry discusses how HIV leads to AIDS, and she gives an overview of HIV transmission, prevention, and screening. Her second presentation focuses on risk and protective factors that impact adolescents and HIV/AIDS, while in the third she addresses youth at high risk. Finally, in the fourth presentation, Dr. Beharry discusses testing and treatment issues for adolescents.
Looking for data specific to New York State, or for your region, county, or community? Here are resources to help start your search.
This section of our youth site helps young people consider their capacity to become leaders for change in organizations and communities.
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