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EBPs in Schools: Toolkit

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National Sex Education Standards

Four national organizations joined with the Future of Sex Education initiative to provide guidance on the essential minimum, core content for sexuality education in the United States.


Aligning EBPs with New York State Health Education Standards

Tools for Adolescent Sexual Health Program Providers in New York State

Evidence-based programs can be aligned with New York State health education standards at many points. By learning the language of New York State schools, and understanding how your program maps onto health education standards, you will be able to explain how your services can help schools meet their goals.

Beth Mastro of Ulster BOCES, an ACT for Youth partner, has aligned the programs listed below with the New York State health education standards. To help you understand the program grids, she offers an introductory online presentation.

Introductory Presentation

This introduction to the Program Alignment Grids outlines how to read the grids listed below. In it, Beth Mastro provides an overview of the New York State Health Education Learning Standards as well as the seven developmental skills identified in the New York State Guidance Document for Health Education. She discusses the differences between addressing and assessing standards and skills within an evidence-based program, and finally reviews one module of the evidence-based curriculum Be Proud! Be Responsible!

Program Alignment Grids

These grids show the points of connection between each evidence-based program listed below and New York State health education standards. To better understand the grids, you may wish to view the presentation linked above.

The following documents are in PDF format:

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