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Supporting Adolescent Sexual Health

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Community Readiness for Community Change

The Community Readiness Model is a tool for assessing how ready a community is to address an issue. By understanding readiness, leaders can develop appropriate strategies. The model was developed by the Tri-Ethnic Center at Colorado State University.



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New York State Data Sources

When making a case for a community plan to funders and other stakeholders, using local or regional data will help. For data specific to New York State or your region, county, or community, we provide links to start your search.


Community Approaches to Adolescent Sexual Health

Communities across New York State and the U.S. are seeking to reduce rates of teen pregnancy, STDs, and HIV. The resources in this section can help.

Community Strategies
and Planning

Community Assessments
Community assessments are the first step in a larger planning process for communities seeking to improve adolescent sexual health outcomes. A thorough assessment of needs and resources will help you develop the adolescent pregnancy, STD, and HIV/AIDS prevention strategy that best fits your community. It can also be a powerful tool in calling your community to action.

Engaging Community Partners
Any initiative to decrease adolescent pregnancy, STD, and HIV rates needs community partners to succeed. Here we offer ideas for engaging new partners -- community stakeholders who may not traditionally be invited to play a role in prevention efforts, but whose support can make all the difference.

Planning for Evidence-Based Programming
Evidence-based programs deliver healthy outcomes, but only if they are implemented with fidelity and quality -- and that takes planning. On this page, we introduce planning tools for those seeking to implement evidence-based programs in adolescent sexual health.

Adapting Evidence-Based Programs
Fidelity to program design is vital if an evidence-based program is to deliver its promised outcomes. At the same time, some adaptation may be necessary when implementing these programs in real-world settings. This tension between fidelity and adaptation can be confusing. On this page, we offer resources to help program planners adapt programs in a way that will help, not harm, effectiveness.

Preparing Youth for Adulthood
Many funders seek to bolster the effectiveness of evidence-based programs with skill-building strategies that go beyond sexual health. Federal and state Personal Responsibility Education Program (PREP) grantees will find the resources in this section -- organized by PREP Adulthood Preparation Subject -- especially helpful.

Service Learning and Adolescent Sexual Health
Considered a best practice in positive youth development, service-learning is also an effective strategy for the prevention of adolescent pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

New York State Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Initiatives

ACT for Youth provides technical assistance, training, and evaluation services for adolescent pregnancy prevention initiatives funded by the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH).

Comprehensive Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention (CAPP) is an initiative funded by the NYSDOH to support community-based efforts to reduce the risk of pregnancies, STDs, and HIV among New York State adolescents. The CAPP initiative began in 2011 with funding for 50 CAPP projects awarded to local community-based organizations throughout the state. Eight additional projects were then funded through the CAPP initiative with federal Personal Responsibility Education Program (PREP) funding. CAPP and PREP providers strive to implement the dual strategy of reducing risks and building the protective factors that are necessary for optimal transition through adolescence into a healthy, productive, connected adulthood.

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