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Let's face it, young people are often overlooked. I guess adults don't remember that it's frustrating to be ignored. Young people have some really brilliant ideas, but if no one pays attention, there's no way for them to be heard. That's why adults need to let young people be more involved and have a greater say in how things work.

- Zach, ACT Youth Network

Featured Resources
What does it take to be a good youth worker? Here we discuss core competency areas and provide staff development resources.
What can statistics tell us about families? In our popular Youth Statistics, we offer a snapshot of U.S. family structures and connectedness.
Abortion continues to be legal in New York State. Here we help you answer questions that young people may have about abortion rights and services in NYS.
The Adolescent Development Toolkit presents selected web-based resources that describe adolescent development. Here we focus on adolescent mental health.
The New York State Department of Health Bureau of Women, Infant and Adolescent Health (BWIAH) convened a virtual Provider Meeting in July of 2022. Recordings from the 3-day event are available on the ACT for Youth website.
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