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Supporting Young Parents: A Toolkit


Strategies for Working with Young Parents

Strategies for Working with Young ParentsIt can be hard to determine the best ways to reach and serve expectant and parenting youth. The resources below offer frameworks, approaches, and perspectives on working with young parents and their families.

Pregnancy Assistance Fund Resource Center

The Office of Adolescent Health provides a wealth of information on all federally funded initiatives. Specifically, the Pregnancy Assistance Fund (PAF) has been funded to support expectant, pregnant, and parenting young people all across the country. This site offers training resources on topics such as engaging diverse populations, sustainability, collaboration, and communication, just to name a few. This site also provides an overview of PAF grantees and their programs across the country.


A BDI Logic Model for Working with Young Families Resource Kit

This resource kit from Healthy Teen Network provides a Behavior-Determinant-Intervention logic model for working with young families. Using a science-based process, the kit identifies strategies for increasing self-sufficiency outcomes for young parents, improving developmental outcomes for their children, and more.


An American Frame: Teen Pregnancy and Parenting

This Healthy Teen Network summary of a FrameWorks Institute report discusses the different images of expectant and parenting teens, both positive and negative, that are typically portrayed in American media. The summary also includes steps everyone can take to make a difference.

PDFReport Summary

Working with Pregnant and Parenting Teens Tip Sheet

Offered by the U.S. Family and Youth Services Bureau, this document briefly describes steps for creating an effective program to support teen parents' self-sufficiency, housing and financial stability, parenting, and relationships.

PDFTip Sheet

Best Practices for Working with Teen Parents and Their Children

This Teenwise Minnesota fact sheet identifies six core services for working with teen parents and their children.

PDFFact Sheet

Engaging Teen Parents: Lessons from Teens about What Works for Them

This webcast explores strategies to help Head Start staff engage teen parents. Through parent interviews, viewers hear first-hand accounts of what engagement strategies have worked best. The Parent, Family, and Community Engagement Framework is also discussed.

VideoVideo (94 minutes)

Making an Effective Referral

Produced by Connections for Student Success, a project of CAI (Cicatelli Associates Inc.), this video showcases the steps needed to make an effective referral for health services.

VideoVideo (12 minutes)

"Picture Perfect": A Snapshot of What Helps Teen Families Grow & Thrive

This infographic from Healthy Teen Network depicts the needs of expectant and parenting youth and summarizes the support systems that help young people succeed as parents.


Helping Pregnant and Parenting Teens Find Adequate Housing

This guide helps users navigate the legal and community supports that help young people with housing options.


Strengthening Families: A Protective Factors Framework

Strengthening Families is a research-informed approach to increase family strengths, enhance child development, and reduce the likelihood of child abuse and neglect. The program helps service providers work with families to build protective factors.


One Circle Foundation

The One Circle Foundation is a strength-based support group model with programs and curricula for youth, adults, and families of all genders, cultures, and backgrounds.


Protective Factors to Promote Well-Being

This Administration for Children & Families website serves as a clearinghouse for resources on protective factors that promote family well-being.


Getting to Outcomes for Home Visiting

This eBook provides detailed instruction on how to plan, implement, and evaluate home visiting programs for supporting parents and young children. It provides information on efficient ways to help families with young children who are also struggling with poverty, poor social support, substance use, or issues connected with teenage pregnancy and parenting.


Teen Parents in Foster Care: Risk Factors and Outcomes for Teens and Their Children

This issue brief from Child Trends research center discusses the extent to which teens in foster care are at risk of teen pregnancy and parenting.


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