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Supporting Young Parents: A Toolkit

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Collaboration Toolkit

This online learning module from the Office of Adolescent Health covers partnerships, outreach strategies, and communications for organizations in the adolescent pregnancy and parenting field.


Toolkit Overview: Supporting Young Parents

Supporting Young Parents Toolkit - Toolkit OverviewYoung people who are or will soon be parents face a multitude of unique challenges, from basic health care needs to education, employment, relationships, and parenting. This toolkit of online resources is for professionals who are helping young families address their most pressing challenges and needs.

Strategies for Working with Young Parents
This page links to resources that provide frameworks, approaches, and perspectives on the best ways to work with young parents and their families.

Supporting Young Fathers
While most attention and efforts focus on mothers and babies, fathers are equally vital to developing healthy and self-sufficient young families. These resources can aid efforts to engage and serve young fathers in your community.

Housing and Homelessness
One-third of the homeless population is made up of families, particularly single mothers and their children. The resources here can help professionals work with young parents to prevent homelessness or regain stable housing and access education for themselves and their children.

Education, Employment, and Financial Literacy for Young Parents
These resources provide information and tools to facilitate educational and career planning as well as financial literacy.

Parenting and Relationship Skills
This page links to resources that support parenting and relationship skills, as well as information on intimate partner violence.

Supporting Young Parents in New York State
These resources are for young parents as well as professionals who are supporting young families in New York State.

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