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Following the Adolescent Sexual Health Symposium, these publications and presentations were authored by Symposium panelists for ACT for Youth:

A New Vision for Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health

John S. Santelli and Amy T. Schalet


Adolescent STI/HIV Prevention Programs: What Works for Teens?

Jessica M. Sales and Ralph J. DiClemente


Accessible FormatAccessible Format

Using Media and Technology to Improve Sexual Health Outcomes for Youth

Alwyn Cohall

Narrated PresentationNarrated Presentation

PowerPoint PresentationPowerPoint Presentation

Using New Media to Promote Adolescent Sexual Health: Examples from the Field

Deb Levine


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Symposium: Adolescent Sexual Health

In February 2009, ACT for Youth Center of Excellence convened the Adolescent Sexual Health Symposium. Our purposes were 1) to explore the latest research and best practices regarding the promotion of adolescent sexual health and 2) to bring experts in the field together with youth, practitioners, policy makers, emerging leaders, and health advocates to inform future initiatives of the New York State Department of Health (DOH). Our aim was not to achieve consensus, but rather to provoke a rich discussion, raise critical issues, and generate a full range of ideas and comments that could potentially advance the field. Presenters included:

Claire Brindis
Professor of Pediatrics and Health Policy, University of California-San Francisco

Sarah Brown
CEO, National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy

Michael Carrera
Director, Adolescent Sexuality and Pregnancy Prevention Programs, Children's Aid Society

Alwyn Cohall
Director, Harlem Health Promotion Center and Project STAY
Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia University

Angela Diaz
Director, Mount Sinai Adolescent Health Center

Ralph DiClemente
Professor of Public Health, Emory University

Douglas Kirby
Senior Research Scientist, ETR Associates

Jonathan Klein
Professor of Pediatrics, University of Rochester
Division of Adolescent Medicine and Department of Pediatrics

Deb Levine
Executive Director, Internet Sexuality Information Services

Guillermo Prado
Associate Professor of Epidemiology and Public Health, University of Miami

John S. Santelli
Professor, Columbia University, Mailman School of Public Health

Topics and Presentations

The Center of Excellence collaborated closely with DOH in planning and organizing the Symposium. We identified four major topics that we wanted to address, including:
  • Current trends in adolescent sexual behavior
  • Disparities in access to sexual health services, information, and education
  • Ecological influences on adolescent sexual behavior, including features of the environment as well as relationships
  • Use of new information and communication technologies
Participants were also asked to generate ideas for the design of a comprehensive adolescent sexual health initiative, working on focused topics within small groups.


Adolescent Sexual Health Symposium: What We Did and What We Learned (32 minutes)
In this narrated presentation, Jane L. Powers guides the listener through the major themes and points generated at the Symposium. Powers is director of ACT for Youth Center of Excellence.
(PowerPoint presentation: 1.2M)

Proceedings of the Adolescent Sexual Health Symposium (PDF: 346K)
This report documents issues raised, key points made in discussion, and resources highlighted at the event.

Presentation Slides

Posted below are slides from many of the Symposium presentations. Alwyn Cohall kindly recorded his presentation for ACT for Youth at a later date; be sure to view his full presentation, also posted below.

Current Trends in Adolescent Sexual Behavior

Angela Diaz
Changes Observed: Adolescent Sexual Health in New York State (PDF: 68K)

John S. Santelli
What Do We Know about Trends in Adolescent Sexual Behavior in the United States? (PDF: 604K)

Sarah Brown
Policy Implications and Questions (PDF: 425K)

Disparities in Access to Sexual Health Services, Information, and Education

Ralph DiClemente
Enhancing Access to Sexual Health Services for Minority Youth (PDF: 785K)

Ecological Influences on Adolescent Sexual Behavior

Guillermo Prado
Preventing Adolescent HIV Risk Behaviors: Context, Development, and Behavior (381K)

Douglas Kirby
Impact of Programs: No Complete Answers - Many Partial Answers (PDF: 114K)

New Information and Communication Technologies

Deb Levine
Impact of New Information and Communication Technologies (PDF: 1.2M)

Alwyn Cohall
Using Media and Technology to Improve Sexual Health Outcomes for Youth
(narrated presentation: 13 minutes; PowerPoint presentation: 3.4M)

Youth Voice: Focus Group Study

Prior to the Symposium, ACT for Youth Center of Excellence conducted a focus group study with youth to learn how young people get information about sexual health, where they go for services, their experiences in getting care, and their unmet needs. Preliminary findings, summarized in the report below, were released at the event.

Preliminary Findings: Adolescent Sexual Health Focus Group Study (PDF: 568K)

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