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2019 BWIAH Provider Meeting

On May 22-23, 2019, the New York State Department of Health hosted a meeting for providers funded through its Bureau of Women, Infant and Adolescent Health (BWIAH). We provide presentation slides below in PDF format.

PDF2019 Provider Meeting Program

May 22, 2019

Workshop Block 1

PDFPromoting Sexual Health in NYS

Rachel Malloy and Diane Moore

Note: appears in program as Alarming Trends in STIs

PDFFostering an Organizational Culture that Acknowledges and Mitigates Bias

Molly Findley

PDFIntimate Partner Violence in Student Relationships

Lórien Castelle

PDFWhat's Going on in the Adolescent Brain?

Jutta Dotterweich

Day 1 Lunch Keynote

PDFIntersection of Human Trafficking and Public Health *

Dana Kaplan

* Warning: this slide set includes disturbing stories and images related to human trafficking, child abuse, and sexual and domestic violence.

Workshop Block 2

PDFUnderstanding and Addressing the Impact of Stalking on Young People

Lórien Castelle

PDFReframing Preconception Health and Reproductive Life Planning

Rachel Flink-Bochacki

PDFRestorative Justice, Part 1

Nastia Gorodilova

PDFNew Findings from the Adolescent Sexual Health Research Study

Amanda Purington

PDFMedicaid Redesign Team (MRT) Health Information Technology (HIT) Projects:

Connecting Pregnant Women to Needed Services

Vishwanath Rao

Note: appears in program as Web-based HIT Systems for Perinatal Risks Identification and Referral

Workshop Block 3

PDFReducing Violence through Creating Protective Environments

Elise Lopez

PDFUsing Sticks and Stones: Strategies to Build Creative Awareness Projects

Jeff Gurkin-Young, Geoff Peckman, and James Young

PDFRestorative Justice, Part 2

Nastia Gorodilova

PDFReflecting and Responding to Bias in Your Clinical Practice

Molly Findley

Note: appears in program as How Do Unconscious Biases Influence Our Interactions with Clients?

PDFNYSDOH Commissioner's Listening Sessions: Sharing Birth Stories to Promote Birth Equity

Meaghan Carroll and Nevillene White

Note: appears in program as "We're high risk because we're black" - Maternal Mortality & Racial Disparities

Workshop Block 4

PDFSexuality in the Digital Age

Janis Whitlock

PDFFatherhood and Family Wellness

Keston Jones

Note: appears in program as Engaging Fathers

PDFImpacting Policy at the Community Level

Michelle Gerka and Gricel Arredondo

PDFWorking in Rural Settings: A Conversation

Jennifer Abrams

PDFCycle of Addiction, Part 1

Paul Updike

Workshop Block 5

PDFThe Many Ways I'm Me: Exploring the Intersections of Identity

Michele Luc

PDF"It Takes a Village": Integrating Preconception Wellness into Community Based Services

Cheryl Hunter-Grant

PDFThe ABCD Approach to Working with Rural Communities

Jutta Dotterweich

PDFThe Cycle of Addiction, Part 2

Paul Updike

Day 2 Lunch Keynote

PDFStress Management, Burnout, and Compassion Fatigue

Amy Cunningham

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