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ACT for Youth Highlight
Positive Youth Development 101

ACT for Youth also offers a training curriculum for professionals new to youth work. Authored by Jutta Dotterweich, this curriculum was released in 2015.

Manual: Positive Youth Development 101

Positive Youth Development Resource Manual

Positive Youth Development Resource ManualACT for Youth also offers the free curriculum Positive Youth Development 101, released in 2015.

Since its release in 2006, the Positive Youth Development Resource Manual (PDF: 2.4M) has been one of ACT for Youth's most popular publications. The purpose of the manual is to help facilitators educate community groups about positive youth development, with the ultimate goal of promoting organizational and community change. Written by Jutta Dotterweich, the manual is based on many years of close collaboration with diverse New York State community partnerships, as well as research and training resources in the field of youth development.


The Positive Youth Development Resource Manual includes training activities with instructions and facilitation tips, handouts, text and illustrations for brief PowerPoint; presentations, and references to additional resources. The manual is divided into seven sections:
  1. What is Positive Youth Development?
  2. Positive Youth Outcomes
  3. Youth Involvement
  4. Youth Development in Care Settings
  5. Effective Youth Development Programming
  6. Community Involvement and Collaboration
  7. References and Resources

How to Use the Manual

Choose and combine activities to suit your audience and goals. This is not a standard curriculum that mandates a certain sequence of activities; the manual was designed to be flexible in order to better serve your goals and interests.
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