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ACT for Youth

Providing Health Care to Adolescents

Health care professionals who serve adolescents know that members of this age group have their own particular needs and concerns. In this section, we connect to research, professional development opportunities, tools, and other resources to help health care professionals work well with, and promote the optimum health of, their adolescent patients.

ACT for Adolescent Health

ACT for Adolescent Health is a newsletter for health care providers who work with adolescents in New York State. Sponsored by the University of Rochester Medical Center (URMC) and ACT for Youth, the newsletter provides up-to-date information to improve your care for adolescents:
  • Updated clinical guidelines
  • New policy statements
  • Upcoming events
  • State-wide initiatives
  • Useful resources
The newsletter is edited by Dr. Taylor Starr and Dr. Richard Kreipe of URMC.


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